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UTV Tire Size Guide

Look at your current tire sizes on your machine and see what you are currently running, make sure you check both front and rear tires as they are not usually the same. Most tires you see on ATV's and UTV's are measured in inches, having the right size tire is not only important for performance, but also for handling

UTV tires are similar to passenger vehicles, but they are not the same. Reading the sizing requires a little bit of extra knowledge.

For example, a UTV tire might have the sizing, "25×10-12"

Here's the explanation:

  • The 1st number is the overall height of the tire after it has been mounted and inflated. Keep in mind these numbers are fairly vague. Just because this tire says 25 on it doesn't mean it will measure exactly 32 inches tall.There are so many variables that can affect your tire height so don't be surprised if they don't measure 100% accurate but they should be within reason, give or take about 3/4 inch either way. Your air pressure, age of tire, ply rating, tread wear, weight of vehicle, width of rim and brand of tire are all factors that come into play in the overall height of your tires. Original Equipment Machine tires that come on your machine from the factory are notorious for being much shorter than they are advertised
  • The 2nd number is the width of the tire. This has nothing to do with the width of the rim other than you know you rims are more narrow than 10 inches. Your rims must be skinnier than your tires or they won't mount and seal around the bead properly. just because your tire says 10 on it doesn't mean it will measure exactly 10 inches wide. The width of your rim has a huge affect on how wide your tires will measure after you install them. There are other factors that can affect the width just like with your height so don't be surprised if you tire says 10 in the middle number but it only measure 9.5 inches wide.
  • The 3rd number is the diameter of rim that your tire will fit. This number is very crucial. You cannot mount a 25×10-12 tire onto any other rim other than one that is 12 inches in diameter. You can adjust the first 2 numbers a bit. You can always mount taller or wider tires onto your rims (as long as it will fit your machine) but if the 3rd number (12) doesn't match up with your rim you will not be able to use them together


Determining what size you need to order would be step 1 in the process of buying new tires for your quad. This helps you narrow down your search so you are only viewing tires that are applicable to your machine. You can buy tires that are the exact same sizes as your OEM tires or you can adjust those numbers a bit and go with taller and/or wider tires. When you check your tire sizes you will also want to look at both the fronts and rears as most of the time they are different widths. The height should be the same (especially on 4×4 models) but the width is typically different on the OEM tires.